We struggle to achieve our goal(s) because there is a big difference in

Having a goal and achieving a goal;

The easy one is having the goal but the very difficult one is achieving it.

So how do we eliminate the gap between having a goal and achieving it?

Simply put, total commitment to your goal does the trick.

Now, you may ask the obvious question…. How do I do that?

Well, in order to stay committed to your goal, you must hold yourself accountable to it and below are the ideal steps to get that done.



Each night before going to bed write down three (3) important task that when accomplished will make your satisfy for the next day.


At the beginning of each week state your top goals for the seven days. Paste it somewhere you get to see it all the time and after your accomplish each daily goal, strike it off. At the end of the week, on accomplishing every goal, treat yourself with a hobby you like doing or any other activity you find rewarding.


In a calendar year, it is very important to write down what you want to achieve and clearly state how you intend to get it done. You could employ what I call a monthly checklist strategy or quarterly checklist strategy of approaching your goals and self-appraisal but most importantly, always ensure you’re making progress.

Personally, I have found out that telling people about what you what to achieve has a way of making you stay committed to your goal regardless of if they are supportive or not.

Also, being in a community of like-minded people like ours has a way motivating you, keeping you on your toes and increasing your confidence especially when we, are gunning for your progress.

Remember, it is not over until you win.

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