• April 16, 2021

Joy Ilozue

How to Make Every Day a Productive Day.

Personal productivity Plan Creating your own productivity plan will not only help you to make better decisions and remind you of where you want to go, but it can effectively manage your growth and move you forward in your career and personal life. This Personal productivity Plan will help you figure out how to think […]Read More

You are your own priority.

When you are with certain people, do you feel like the third wheel or the last one invited? Maybe you suspect you are some last minute arrangement or you feel like you are being edged out by some invisible force, like a new, more interesting version of you. Well I’ve been there, a whole bunch […]Read More

Five Major Areas to Prioritize in Life.

Priorities, by textbook definition is the primary or first concern of ours. Things which matter most should never be at the mercy of things which matter least. That’s why prioritizing is a significant purpose in our lives. It keeps things organized and also increases productivity. In today’s society, losing sight of our priorities is easy […]Read More

4 Steps On How To Be Intentional With Your Time

The better you get with your time, the less you tolerate things that are not making an impact on your goals, values, and priorities and the more you FOCUS on what you want. Today can be as great as you want it to be. You alone get to decide how much of yourself you’re going […]Read More

Comparisons: The Silent Joy Thief

Kate; a good friend asked me to accompany her for lunch alongside other friends to a fancy restaurant and my first thought was like hope she is paying because that restaurant’s menu is quite pricy. I spotted Kate and my other friends as I walked into the restaurant. Immediately after we exchanged pleasantries, Kate ordered […]Read More

Confidence; The Hammer of the Self-Aware

To be successful in today’s fast-paced world requires not just talent, academia or qualifications. It requires confidence. Being confident in your work is crucial for career success. It enables you to be situationally proactive, assertive and focused. Having true confidence means knowing your worth and trusting that others will recognize the value of your service […]Read More


I attended a program by PEBEC (PRESIDENTIAL ENABLING BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT COUNCIL) which centered on how government parastatals and business owners can work together towards increasing the ease of doing businesses in Nigeria; it was such a great event and was very engaging. After the event, the slogan on the screen got my attention: LISTEN, IMPLEMENT […]Read More

How to Avoid Living in Regret

Whenever I looked at Gloria, I could literally see the sadness, disappointment and, worst of all, the regret in her eyes. It was my first day home from college for the summer break. I remember everything about that day because it changed my general approach to life. As I pulled up in front of our […]Read More

Getting It: A Womans Guide On How To Successfully Balance

Life is busy. It is already difficult enough to move towards your dreams and if you have a full-time job and kids, it’s even harder. We wake up each day with a plan to accomplish something meaningful and yet maintain beautiful relationships with the family and friends who matter. While we may often craved the […]Read More

Love: A Beautiful Mess

Have you ever just sat down on a good day to think about how you got to this point in your journey through life? Well, that’s the point where I was before I decided to have a conversation with one of the right thinking members of the society. Don’t ask, just walk with me! So, […]Read More