• November 24, 2020

Joy Ilozue

Overcoming Regret

“Jcee, life has not been fair to me at all, I have prayed and fasted but it seems God is not hearing me” those were the words that first tumbled out of Bisi’s lips after a protracted bout of tears. Bisi and I have been friends since childhood and we had decided about a year ago […]Read More

Smart and Effective Ways the Rich think

While the journey to wealth is a conscious one, it is oftentimes filled with challenging scenarios that could deter the person on the journey. However, with proper guidance, you could avoid distractions and be well on your way to ideal success.Read More

Achieve Your Dreams

Personally, I have found out that telling people about what you what to achieve has a way of making you stay committed to your goal regardless of if they are supportive or not....Read More

The Pitch

I can’t wait to leave this town; how would I spend another year in this school all because of one course and worse still, all the people I started this journey with are graduating....Read More

The Death of Dreams

Know this “Talent is given, and it opens doors to opportunities but you must earn success.” If you believe in yourself enough and never given up, you will someday find yourself doing what you once considered impossible...Read More