Even as I focused on taking positive steps towards developing and improving myself, I couldn’t help but think about Sean (read more here ). I missed him so much especially when I went for a run in the morning which we normally did together; or when we went for lunch together and also to the movies. Those were the good times… but then, he walked out on me and I knew for certain that I couldn’t go back to beg him. No way!!!

Regardless though, I couldn’t help but feel sad and lonely at times although when I switched my focus on the goals I set for myself, it took my mind of it.

Today after work, I sat down alone in my balcony and thoughts of him filled my mind, but I was quick to dispel them as I asked myself a pertinent question; Why should I keep thinking of someone that walked out on me?

I went back into the house and turned on the radio set with a glass of wine in my hand just to enjoy the beautiful, peaceful evening when I heard these lines form one of Brandy’s classic songs:

“you used to be there, you said you cannot live without me, but now you think you are better without me so now it’s over, I guess it was not true when you said you LOVE me, because LOVE will not pass me by

I thought about it, “LOVE WILL NOT PASS ME BY”,  that was a statement of belief and according to the notes in her song, she believed  it with all  her heart that love will not pass her by even as whoever broke up with her did so.

For something to work out for you, you have to believe it will actually work out, if not you are just wasting your time. You cannot want to be rich and live in beautiful houses or go to amazing places yet there is a part of you that think is for only famous or rich kids, or you want to get married and have kids but deep within you, you think all men are ‘scum bags’ or you believe you can’t handle stressful situation, or you believe you will never be able to speak in pubic, this self-limiting examples goes on and on.

We all know that just because we believe something, doesn’t make it true. But if you truly believe it there is a good chance that you will be able to make it become true in a subconscious manner and this will totally influence the way you feel, how you behave and how you interpret things. Who knows, with time those beliefs could become a reality.

What you believe in could be the biggest hurdle standing between the kind of life you are living and the kind of life you really want to live and not necessarily your lack of ability. But with time and effort you can overcome these self-limiting beliefs that prevent us from reaching our greatest potential.

Knowing this; I decided to believe that love will not pass me by; if Sean left it is because he did not love me and someone else that really loves me will come along it is just that simple. So I made up my mind to stop thinking about Sean and concentrate on living my best life.

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