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Who Do You Think You Are?

As I was about to speak about my ideas and thoughts during the office meeting, I heard that inner critic voice “who do you think you are?” So different thoughts started running through my mind what if they don’t like my idea or what if they laugh at me ? I just sit there even […]
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Do you want to know the best way to balance your work, family and social lives? Do you want to know how to complete tasks in record time? In this book, you will find workable time management methods, complete with real life examples of ways to develop and maintain a work– life balance. The author […]
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A Gratitude Attitude for Productivity.

Today is my birthday. On this day, several years ago, I was a curious teenager consumed with an unusual problem: why had my parents given me the names Joy and Anuri? You see, Anuri is an Igbo name that means “rejoice”. In my opinion I had only one name. I asked my parents why they […]
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You are your own priority.

When you are with certain people, do you feel like the third wheel or the last one invited? Maybe you suspect you are some last minute arrangement or you feel like you are being edged out by some invisible force, like a new, more interesting version of you. Well I’ve been there, a whole bunch […]
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