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Smart and Effective Ways the Rich think

As I drove my car into the parking lot of a hotel where I was to have lunch with a friend, I could hear raised voices girdled with sound of car engines and honking horns all seemingly coming from the west wing of the parking lot. I got out of my car and out of curiosity moved to the scene of the commotion.

Surprisingly, it was about a beautiful young lady looking her mid-thirties who wanted to park her black sedan close to a blue Lamborghini Gallardo but was prevented from doing so by the hotel security at the parking lot and as a result she obstructed the cars that were behind her thus creating a gridlock of some sort, the security guy had told her that her car wouldn’t fit into the space she wanted to park in but she was defiant saying that it was either at that particular parking space or she would turn off her engine and walk away.

Everyone at the scene was just as shocked as I was as to what motive she could have. After much ado, the security man finally allowed her have her way and as she attempted to squeeze herself into the space, she hit the Lamborghini. This just got interesting I thought to myself.

The hotel manager was immediately alerted to the resulting mini-chaos that was brewing and on arrival, asked the lady to call her insurance company or prepare to pay for the damage, while they called the owner of the Lamborghini. When the owner came out, he looked at the car and was like; “is this what you guys called me out for? Let the girl go, its not that big of an issue” then he turned and went back into the hotel. We at the scene were left shocked after the man had gone and quietly dispersed.

Walking into the restaurant of the hotel for my lunch date after the incident, I saw my friend greeting the “Lamborghini Man”. As soon as we were seated at our table, I asked her how she knew the man; that was when she told me that he owns the company she works with. I then narrated the incident that had just happened outside to which she dismissed with the wave of her hand and said; “I am sure he can afford hundreds of that same car if he wanted to. Only if you knew that the money for that car came from his third generation of wealth increase, you wouldn’t really bother yourself about such a trivial event.”

This took me down memory lane to when I bought my first car. I was really crazy about owning that particular brand and model that I literally used all my savings to purchase it and then became flat broke. It was a real struggle to fuel it but the worst happened when someone mistakenly hit me at the rear.

I screamed infuriatingly at the person who hit me that I didn’t even give him a chance to say anything; all because I had used all my hard-earned money to buy this car, I knew what I went through and just like that, he was going to tell me sorry. I wasn’t just seeing a car I was seeing my life savings at some point being disfigured. Thinking back now, I could see how poor I was and then this Mr. Rich guy that just got his very very expensive car bashed just said; “its ok, you can let her go”. He definitely knew something I didn’t.

Steve Siebold, author of How Rich People Think once shared 15 Ways That Rich People Think Differently with Business Insider and some of the points he stated are; 

  • Rich people live below their means while average people live beyond their means 
    like my friend rightly said, her boss can afford hundreds of that particular car if he wanted to while I, living above my means by buying a car with all  my saving, could barely afford to fuel it. Why didn’t I just buy a cheaper car and use the extra money for something else that would generate revenue?  But instead, all I wanted to drive was that particular car not realizing that I would also need to maintain it.
  • Rich people think about money logically while average and well educated people think about money emotionally. In my case, I was too emotionally attached to buying that particular car not minding the fact that I had to use up all my saving to get it. However, if I was logically and objective about it I would have properly gone for a cheaper car.
  • Rich people have an action mentality while average people have a lottery mentality.well if I had an action mentality, I would have been thinking of how to multiply my savings, how to ensure my money births more money to take care of my needs instead of spending it on a liability which would yield nothing but instead gulp what I already had. Not most of the richest people in the world got rich by solving problems as quickly as they arose…they have mastered the art of delayed gratification and its application.

This brings me to my main point;

  • Average people have a saving mentality while rich people have an investment mentality. Rich people as I’ve observed don’t really save money in banks, they make investments. Why was I busy just saving money instead of investing?

Further to this, he stated so much in his book but my favorite points are:

  1. Rich people believe in acquiring specific knowledge while Average people think formal education can lead them to riches.
  2. Rich people have an action mentality while Average people have a lottery mentality.
  3. Average people would rather be entertained than educated on wealth while Rich people would rather be educated on wealth and their every surrounding than entertained.
  4. Rich people follow their passion while Average people don’t really like what they do to earn money.
  5. Rich people dream influencing the present and changing the future while average people dwell on all that was wrong with their past.

While the journey to wealth is a conscious one, it is oftentimes filled with challenging scenarios that could deter the person on the journey. However, with proper guidance, you could avoid distractions and be well on your way to ideal success.

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