“Daddy, you can’t do this to me, how will I be able to buy new shoes, clothes, bags, jewelry and all my essentials if you reduce my allowance? It’s the beginning of a new school year; I can’t be seen in the same old clothes all the time. I was actually hoping for an increase not a decrease!!!” This was my reaction when my dad told me that my allowances would be cut in half.

“Jcee, my dad started; you have to learn to cut your coat according to your cloth” and walked out. I ran to the room I shared with my sister, sunk to the floor and bawled my eyes out. To my teenage self, it felt like the end of the world and days after days of alternating between sobs and screams and other theatrics, my sister with whom I shared the room got fed up and snapped. “Instead of complaining and crying why don’t you do something about it? You know that no matter how long you cry, it won’t change Dad’s mind”. Still wallowing in self-pity I replied, “What am I supposed to do? I am only 18yrs old!!!”  She continued, “I don’t know oh, but if you can figure out a way to multiply that money then you can buy whatever you want, crying is definitely not going to increase the money.”

My interest spiked. All through the night, I pondered on how I could multiply the money I had and eventually woke up with an amazing idea… “I was going to buy some of my neighbors’ home-made products and re-sell to bigger companies or better placed individuals at an increased price.” I felt brilliant.

The next morning I left the house so full of confidence and determination to find a way to carry out my plans. I immediately set my sights on conquering the businesses in tallest building down Lugard Street; the central business district in my city.


With my mock confidence, I squared my shoulders and took the lift to the topmost floor and asked the receptionist there for the general manager of the company I walked into. Initially looking puzzled at the guts I had to ask for the manager, she eventually got around to ask me if I had an appointment with her and buttressed that she couldn’t let me in without an appointment. Hoping that I would have the tiniest of opportunities, I decided to wait.

Still dogged, I took a seat in front of her office waiting for an opening to meet the manager. (Mind you, I did not know what she looked like. I just assumed I would be able to tell based on how people acted around her).

Hours later, the receptionist seeing that I was prepared to wait the whole day decided to introduce me to the GM. Finally, I had my chance; my heart thumped with joy.

Walking up to her, I introduced myself and of course, I started with the “pity-party”. I told her that I was a student and needed to buy some school things so I supply toiletries like hand soap, detergents and disinfectant at an affordable price; all homemade and very good in order to raise extra cash.

Maybe she liked me or maybe she took pity on me but that’s how my journey as a “business-woman” started. Business was booming. I was suddenly able to afford what I needed and quite frankly, didn’t need. Unsurprisingly, a year later I had to declare bankruptcy and shut down operation (sounds funny right!?). This was mainly because I spent more than I was making.  I kept buying designer clothes, shoes and bag just to keep looking trendy. I was sunk.

I tried starting several other businesses with the thoughts of making a fortune but I always ended up worse than I started. I really, really, really wanted to be successful but I always kept coming up short.

I decided to do some serious studying on how to achieve my goal, and the first step for me was figuring out how the rich think. I read a lot of books and biographies about the rich and while they helped, it was not until I read T. Harv Eker’s “The Secret of the Millionaires Mind” that the message really stuck.  I got to understand that if you happen to come into money when you do not have the internal capacity to hold on to it and create more, chances are that you will lose that money and have to start over again;  take lottery winners for example. Research has shown again and again that most lottery winners eventually return to their former financial status irrespective of the amount of money they won just like in my own instance.

To change your outer world you have to first start with the inner world. So how does that work you may ask.

Know this:

The information or programing you have received in the past is the reason for your current strain of thoughts.

Are your thoughts more on being creative or more on being a consumer?  Observe your thought pattern and be conscious enough to entertain only thoughts that support your happiness and success.

“Thoughts become things; the invisible that creates the visible”

Armed with this information, I started out again but this time, more intelligently and I must pip in here, success has never been sweeter. You too can achieve this with the right level of determination and background information.

You too can get the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by clicking here and start your own journey to true financial freedom.


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