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Who Do You Think You Are?

As I was about to speak about my ideas and thoughts during the office meeting, I heard that inner critic voice

“who do you think you are?”

So different thoughts started running through my mind
what if they don’t like my idea or what if they laugh at me ?

I just sit there even when I knew what the project manager was referring to. But Jane a colleague, stood up and said almost the same thing that I wanted to say,to my surprise I watched the impressed project director welcomed her into his team.

All I would think of, is that would have been me if only I said something.The inner critic voice in your head that simply poses the question

who do you think you are

Has left many ideas undeveloped, opportunity missed and dreams unfulfilled.
Challenge that inner critic voice by asking yourself

“why not me”

After that day I Realized that talent is not enough, I decided to learn some personal development skills like communication, organization, interpersonal and leadership skills, I did not stop there I practiced it by taking action because action begets confidence.
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