You are your own priority.

When you are with certain people, do you feel like the third wheel or the last one invited?

Maybe you suspect you are some last minute arrangement or you feel like you are being edged out by some invisible force, like a new, more interesting version of you.

Well I’ve been there, a whole bunch of time.

I have been the understanding friend,

The accommodating friend,

The forgiving sister and the easy-going friend.

Then I would always make excuses like,

Well, they are just

– Busy

– Stressed

– Going through a rough time or

– In a weird place right now.”

And sometimes these things could have been true.

Sometimes is not

Then I will go over what I didn’t do right.  I’d try to be THE better person and give them a pass.  I’d try to be a better person more worthy of their attentions and affections.

But after exhausting myself, I had to come to terms:

I had allowed myself to become “the option person” in life.

And although we can’t make people make us a priority,

But we have the power to become a “priority person.

By indulging yourself, doing what you want, even if you are alone while doing it, you are really carving out your own dominion and anyone that want to make you a priority will come in terms with it.

To become a priority person you will need to know your priority

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And you also need to be intentional with you time so as to become a priority person

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